Products & Services

I have a wide range of different skills ranging from mobile using Android, websites using ReactJS, TailwindCSS and NextJS and backend systems using Laravel PHP, C# .Net Core and C++.

Whatever I develop, whether its for mobile, an API or a website, I strive to do one thing, make something that is useful, functional and simple to use for my fellow users and developers, and with whatever I develop, I provide the same quality support whether you're a paid customer or using a free service - after all I believe, the service could be the best thing sliced bread, but if you get can't get support when you need it, its pointless.

Below you will find details about my past projects, current projects and what to expect in the future.

Current Projects

Crash Catch

Crash Catch

Crash catch is my simple and lightweight crash and error reporting service, designed for every developer, every platform and every programming language. This is a new service which I am currently undergoing beta testing with official libraries to send crash reports from your Android, PHP, ReactJS projects to name a few, with many more to come.

It is focussed towards solo developers and small startups, so it is designed to be affordable, but provide all of the information you need to help diagnose a fault with your apps and services without all of the necessary bloat or irrelevant data or complicated integrations but receive real time notifications of crashes as and when they happen. But, don't worry, you'll only receive a notification on the first time the crash is seen, so you won't get flooded with notifications.

You also have complete control of the crashes, such as crashes that you do not have control over! Such crashes for example, can be caused by an underlying hardware/firmware issue that you can't control you can tell Crash Catch not to report on them anymore, or crashes that are for an older version of your project you can tell Crash Catch to only report on crashes for newer versions only so you don't get notified of crashes from users who haven't updated.

Due to Crash Catch currently running as a beta, pricing is currently 50% off for the lifetime of your subscription. You can sign up for an account at

If you have any feedback good or bad, then please let us know, we want to make Crash Catch is one of the best crash and reporting services available, all feedback will help us improve.

Open Source Projects


DatadogStatsD is a C++ library that works with Datadog to send custom metrics from your websites, APIs and software to send metrics to your Datadog account using the agent installed on your server. There is also the option to submit events via their HTTP API.

You can view the source code on GitHub by going to

Android MySQL Connector

This is our native MySQL Connector for Android, the first and as far as we are aware the only library. It is still advised for most purposes to not connect directly and instead use a web service, but if you want to connect directly to your MySQL database from your Android devices, then this is the library for you.

Its built to work similarly to the normal Java MySQL Connector but built from the ground up to support Androids functionality.

It supports all the way down to MySQL 5.1 including MariaDB and has interim support for MySQL 8 as long as you set the MySQL 8 server to use mysql_native_password instead of the newer authentication mechanism that is now in use.

You can view source code at GitHub by going to


This is a python script that is intended to run as a scheduled job either via Windows Task Schedule or a Linux Cron Job and integrates Philips Hue and Datadog together. The purpose of this is if you have Datadog alerts configured, if any of them change to a warning or an alert state, it will flash your Philips Hue bulbs orange or red respectively, and then when the monitor recovers your lights will flash green. This will give you quick notice of something you have failing in case you don't notice your email or other push notifications.

You can view the source code at GitHub by going to

Future Projects

Log XPlore

Log XPlore is in the very early stages of development so at the moment there's no website with any information about it as yet, but the idea is that it will be an on premise log collection service, providing real time log entries to be collected from multiple different servers and services and visible on a central location for quick and easy fault finding and resolution.

Log XPlore

We hope to have a bit more information soon including a development blog that you'll be able to follow along, but in the meantime, feel free to follow ourTwitter account as when we do have updates, we will post them there.

Previous Projects

Boardies MySQL Manager

Boardies MySQL Manager, is pretty much what it says on the tin, it allows you to easily manage and view your MySQL databases from your android phone or tablet.

Boardies MySQL Manager

The app relies on a PHP web service in order to connect to your database. This app is unfortunately no longer in service, as it relied on our web servers to connect to your database which although no security issues happened, it was a potential security risk so although it did have users it was fairly minimal use. The app has been unpublished from the app store, but if you are still using it, the Web API is still available on our GitHub so you can install it on your own server and configure the app to use your installed version.

We have other plans on how to bring something like this back in the future, but there are no immediate plans or any ETA's available at the moment.